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VA GOP's 2013 Lt. Gov. Nominee Spends His Spare Time Supporting Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerks

by: lowkell

Sun Aug 23, 2015 at 10:58:47 AM EDT

For a bit of background on these law-defying, anti-gay bigots see here. And yes, this is what the 2013 Virginia Republican Party nominee for Lt. Governor of our state does in his spare time, when he's not spreading "Four Pinocchio" lies about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Also consider that E.W. Jackson's 2013 Republican ticketmates, Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain, were not appreciably different than he was/is on social issues. So what does that say about the Virginia Republican Party, and the national Republicans Party more broadly?

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Potty Equality Comes to Gloucester

by: blue bronc

Thu Jul 02, 2015 at 06:00:34 AM EDT

The main dust up over school children using the restroom has focused on NOVA. Most of the venom and nastiness, which is often loud and idiotic, was focused on the Fairfax School Board decision to allow trans children to use the restroom they prefer.

Off most radar has been what is going on in Gloucester County. The same discussion, but this time with the Dept. of Justice adding its weight to the fight. Gloucester is not on the same political side as Fairfax, but it is close enough to the Newport News and Norfolk military and communities to be more on the left side than the right side of the political scale.

The school board is under pressure by the DOJ and ACLU after making the decision to create three uni-sex restrooms AND telling the trans youth to use those and not the others. This comes after using the correct restroom for almost two months. Two months until the parents got involved.

Gloucester is an interesting area. You have agriculture, watermen and a very few women, active duty military along with retirees living there, many others from somewhat liberal areas around Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News and even as far south as the Port of Norfolk who are military.

So the population is a big mix from many points of view and life conditions. Hate for Obama lives next to proud rainbow peace symbols, next to Obama signs (still up). Much of it is live and let live, with only a small group of hate. Now I would not want to go around in some areas waving a rainbow flag and screaming "HI I'm Trans". But flying the flag is accepted.

I expect that the county will change it's approach to the issue soon. And, I think it will be accepted over a shorter time than if this was nearer to Richmond. The people are very nice to any who come by. The local restaurant I visit when I am at my boat always greets me and treats me as well as any of the watermen who are there too. I am remembered wherever I go there, I am not hard to remember, and treated with the same dignity and respect all the locals get.

The potty problem is one that takes a little time for most people to get over. Those that continue on shut up once they are told this is the new world and get used to it. A few will pull their children and put them in private school. But, the rest get used to it.

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A Week of Hiding and Bigotry from Senator Dick Black

by: lowkell

Tue Jun 30, 2015 at 10:09:48 AM EDT

The following press release is from DPVA; the clip by homophobic bigot and right wingnut Sen. Dick Black begins at 1:27.

It's been a bad week for Senator Dick Black. First, he is still refusing to say if he agrees with the Governor's actions on Confederate flag license plates. This is notable because Black has previously gone out of his way to support the symbol -- in 2003, Senator Black authored a bill to ensure that the flag could remain on Virginia license plates.

But that's not all:

In the video clip above, Black is not shy about his bigotry and intolerance for Virginians in reacting to the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage nationally. He says "the gay community is quite militant" and vehemently opposes the Court's ruling.

"Senator Dick Black is completely out-of-step with Virginians," said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia. "In just one week, Dick Black showed a lack of leadership on the Confederate flag issue and a lack of character by insulting thousands of LGBT Virginians. Come November, voters will show him the door."

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SCOTUS Affirms Right of Gays to Marry, Virginians React

by: lowkell

Fri Jun 26, 2015 at 10:26:53 AM EDT

Two days in a row, two - or three, if you count the fair housing case - excellent decisions by the Supreme Court (and no, I can't believe I'm actually saying those words!). Yesterday, it was the Affordable Care Act and Fair Housing, today it's gay marriage (in a 5-4 decision which should have been wider). Great stuff, and a rebuke to the Ken Cuccinellis, E.W. Jacksons, and others (e.g., a lot of the people who showed up at last night's Fairfax County School Board meeting) who continue to live in the intolerant past, while the country moves ahead despite of them. Also, congratulations to Virginia AG Mark Herring, who has done superb work on this issue, in spite of brain-dead attacks by homophobes/right wingnuts against him. Here's a key phrase from the SCOTUS ruling:
No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.

Also, here's Sen Tim Kaine's statement. I'll post more statements in the comments section when I see them.

By recognizing the constitutional right of all people to marry the person they love, the Supreme Court has guaranteed that, across the country, same-sex couples will have their relationships treated with the full legal dignity and respect that they deserve. With our country's fundamental ideal that 'all men are created equal' in mind, I welcome the end of discriminatory bans that have, until today, denied same-sex couples the privileges, responsibilities, and joys of marriage. This is an important step on our continuing quest to create a more perfect union.
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Fairfax County School Board Dems About to Make Huge Mistake?

by: lowkell

Wed Jun 24, 2015 at 11:15:04 AM EDT

(UPDATE 6:36 pm: I hear that School Board members still haven't figured out what they're doing to do tomorrow. I also hear that there's some confusion/consternation over which specific items should be included in the FLE (which parents can opt their kids out of) and which specific items are in health education mandated by the state (which can't be opted out of). - promoted by lowkell)

If you live in Fairfax County and somehow missed the heated debate on May 7 over transgender rights in the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) system, it was basically a couple hours of bigotry, rage, vitriol, disrespect, ignorance and lunacy by a howling mob of parents opposed to...god knows. But if you listen to them, allowing a few kids to pee in the relevant bathroom apparently constitutes The End Of All That Is Good and Sacred/America As We Know It.

Fortunately, the School Board did not back down to the bullies, but instead voted overwhelmingly (all Democrats in favor) to protect FCPS teachers and udents and teachers from being discriminated against on the basis of their gender identity. The only "no" vote was, predictably, by rabid right-winger Elizabeth Schultz, and the only abstention by Republican Patricia Reed. So...issue settled, right? Well, no. Actually, this Thursday, another FCPS Board meeting is scheduled, at which the Board will debate and vote on "Family Life Education Annual Curriculum Recommendations and Lesson Objectives." Sounds innocuous enough - you can read an FLE fact sheet here - but of course it probably won't be, sad to say. Instead, it's likely that the meeting will be packed yet again with the same folks who disrupted and disrespected the May 7 meeting. So it's not surprise that Board members (other than Schultz) might not exactly be looking forward to this.

In addition, I've heard concerns expressed the past couple months that this if this issue riles up right wingers into the fall, they could turn out in droves and possibly defeat Democratic School Board members and even Democratic County Board members/candidates (e.g., Dan Storck, who as a School Board member voted yes on transgender protections at the May 7 meeting). So it's not surprise, in a way, that School Board member Ted Velkoff, a Democrat, would be thinking about trying to kick this proverbial can down the road until after November's elections. The problem is - aside from the policy failure this would represent - such a strategy won't work even on purely political grounds. Why not? Because, very simply, it won't assuage anger on the right. Instead, it's far more likely those folks will - like sharks - smell blood in the water, become even more frenzied, and head in for the kill. I ran this past a few Fairfax County Dems, and their reaction was unanimous agreement with that analysis.

Bottom line: Ted Velkoff and other Democrats have reason to be concerned about right wingers turning out in droves this November, but the answer isn't to show weakness. Instead, it's to proceed with doing the right thing, and in persuading Democrats to turn out in droves as well this November to counter the feared right-wing surge. As Joshua Israel, who presented powerful testimony at the May 7 meeting in support of transgender protections, wrote on Ben Tribbett's Facebook wall: "After months of study by the FLE committee and plenty of time public comment, I hope you will not delay lifesaving information for LGBT and questioning kids based on a small and loud minority of our community." I couldn't agree more.

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Josh Israel Reports from Last Night's Fairfax County Public School Board Curriculum Meeting

by: lowkell

Fri May 22, 2015 at 08:53:59 AM EDT

Thanks to Josh Israel for the following, excellent report from last night's Fairfax County Public School Board meeting.
While there were likely 100+ opponents of LGBT equality at last night's Fairfax County School Board meeting, led by Andrea Lafferty of the SPLC-designated hate group the Traditional Values Coalition and far-right former Fairfax School Board Member Mychele Brickner (R), wearing "Respect Parental Choice" stickers, this meeting was significantly calmer than the one a couple of weeks ago. Many of the opponents seemed confused about the fact that, under the proposed curriculum changes, parents will still be able to opt-out their kids from the portions of Family Life Education and that the topics being moved from the Family Life Education curriculum to the health curriculum are topics unrelated to sexual orientation and gender identity.

There were about 25 of us supporters of equality there to show our support and Robert Rigby Jr., Alexandra Dixon, Metro DC PFLAG dad Phil Hicks, and (via video) a current out FCPS high school student each gave eloquently and heartfelt testimony about why this curriculum is a matter of life and death for LGBT and questioning kids.

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Audio: EW Jackson Talks to Anti-#LGBT Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz

by: lowkell

Tue May 12, 2015 at 10:51:07 AM EDT

(UPDATE: Audio of about 1/2 hour of the call now available in the comments section. - promoted by lowkell)

This should be fun! :) Oh, and if you want to watch the virulent, extreme anti-LGBT Schultz in action, leading the angry mob, see here for video from last Thursday night's Fairfax County Public School Board meeting.

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Video: Heated Debate Over Transgender Rights in Fairfax County Public Schools

by: lowkell

Thu May 07, 2015 at 19:58:20 PM EDT

UPDATE: See full video of last night's Fairfax County Public Schools meeting below. Also, superb job by Joshua Israel (former head of the Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club) a little while ago in Fairfax, especially given that the audience is filled with people who are clearly, vehemently opposed to this policy change. By the way, prior to Joshua Israel, a speaker actually claimed that this nondiscrimination ordinance could result in an increased suicide rate among transgender kids, as well more sex crimes by "predators." These people have wayyyyy too much time on their hands, and clearly not enough access to accurate information, let's just leave it at that.

UPDATE 6 am Friday: Joshua Israel writes on his Facebook page: "Very very proud to say that 10 of Fairfax's 12 school board members voted tonight to add gender identity to the FCPS non-discrimination policy. Proud to say that I made it through my speech in support without breaking down, even though the room was mostly filled with screaming, angry, anti-LGBT activists."

Also, House of Delegates Democratic candidate Joana Garcia writes: "Appalling behavior at the school board meeting tonight. From the woman out in the lobby who mumbled under her breath for the mom to 'take your screaming kid outside why don't ya' to another who said 'why not' to the statement by a board member 'we should not discriminate against anyone'. At least 5 people removed from the meeting due to disruptive behavior."

Catherine Read writes: "People turned their backs on Ted Velkoff when he quoted scripture. Because . . . you know . . . that's would Jesus would do. That woman in black commented and yelled throughout the meeting. Disrepectuful, ugly . . . this was like sitting with the extras from the movie '42.'"

Sen. Adam Ebbin writes: "Hats off to Josh Israel for reasoned and eloquent testimony in support of Fairfax County Schools' new policy against discrimination based on gender identity!"

UPDATE 9:07 pm: John Riley tweets, "Schultz motion to postpone fails 2-10." Also: "McElveen: misinformation is that this policy will not change practices in #FCPS"; "Anti-side has older white men walking up and down aisles. Making hand signals to opponents in crowd. Lots of outbursts"; "Crowd boos McElveen for calling transgender rights 'civil rights struggle of our generation.'"; "Moon: school administrators will meet with people who claim to be transgender and determine if genuine. Change not putting anyone at risk;" "McLaughlin decries misinformation. As of today, you thought your children were safe. They are and still will be. Garza already practicing it."

FCPS Student Rep Harris LaTeef writes: "Thank you to the Fairfax County School Board for staying calm and professional even when others certainly were not this evening. I thank you and history will thank you."

UPDATE 8:17 pm: Jarrod Nagurka tweets, "Shameful. Dan Stork just seconded motion to postpone inclusion of gender identity in Fairfax nondiscrimination policy."

UPDATE 8:15 pm: John Riley of Metro Weekly magazine tweets: "Fredy Burgos, who opposed @EFillerCorn last election, says policy will undermine 1st Amendment rights of anti-trans students...Burgos decries heavy-handed federal government interfering in local schools. Talking about genital mutilation, HIV rates...Hispanics and blacks will be worst affected by policy. B/C they are largely Christians, Burgos calls #Policy1450 'racist.' Standing ovation."

UPDATE 8:06 pm: Democratic campaign manager Jarrod Nagurka, who is at the meeting, just wrote on Facebook, "Wow. I was just called a "gangster" and "racist" for supporting nondiscrimination policy. You can't make this stuff up." Jarrod also tweets, "Wow. Speaker claim nondiscrimination policy including gender identity is RACIST and would INCREASE black/hispanic dropout rates." Uh huh.

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Family Foundation Brings Its Speeecial Brand of (anti-LGBT) "Family Values" to Fairfax

by: lowkell

Mon May 04, 2015 at 11:20:30 AM EDT

Charming as always from these same fine folks: How Do You Get a 100% Rating from the Far-Far-Far Right "Family Foundation?"; The Family Foundation objects to a rainbow flag flying at the Richmond Federal Reserve; Ken Cuccinelli to Rally This Evening with "gay-bashing, abortion-hating, home-school-loving group"; etc. This time, they're on a rampage against the horrors of one or two little kids possibly going pee-pee in the bathroom. I mean, start down that slippery slope, and next thing you know. "Mr. Smith" could start "wearing a dress" or even become "Ms. Smith." Yeah, these people have waaaaaayyy too much time on their hands, and are spending waaaaayyyy too much of that time thinking about other people's private parts, sex lives, etc.

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Virginia Christian Alliance Launches Crusade Against "transgenderism activity" in Schools

by: lowkell

Fri Apr 24, 2015 at 17:37:13 PM EDT

If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to check out this Think Progress story, on the far-right-wing, theocratic Virginia Christian Alliance's latest crusade.
Last month, Stafford County, VA, made national headlines when its school board unanimously voted to ignore guidance from both school district officials and the Department of Education that “sex” protections under Title IX protect transgender students’ use of facilities that match their identified gender. After some local parents complained, the school board ordered that a fourth grade student no longer be permitted to use the bathroom of the student’s identified gender. The school system in Gloucester, VA, is currently facing a federal civil rights complaint after it restricted a transgender sophomore boy to using only a single-stall restrooms or designated female restrooms.

In light of these stories, the conservative Virginia Christian Alliance (VCA) has launched a statewide campaign to demand school systems deal with "transgenderism activity" and "gender identity confusion" as "a serious medical mental disorder." In a letter sent to school boards across the Commonwealth of Virginia, the group’s chairman and president Donald N. Blake demanded to be “advised of any pending cases involving transgenderism that are presently before your school system” and the policies each system has in place to deal with transgender students. "Accommodation is not the answer," he wrote, "nor is accommodation in the best interest of the child." Though the American Psychological Association stopped classifying being transgender as a mental disorder in 2012, the letter cites a 2014 article by anti-LGBT Johns Hopkins professor Paul McHugh that argued that “the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken” and that transgender people should be treated like those with anorexia and bulimia nervosa. McHugh’s widely debunked claims about trans identities run counter to consensus of the medical profession.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time the Virginia Christian Alliance has shown its bigotry. Back in December 2014, for instance, they teamed up with fellow bigoted extremist E.W. Jackson to attack Virginia Department of Health Interim Commissioner Dr. Marissa Levine, who is transgender, as having "a "serious mental illness" and "serious issues." Charming. Also see here for more about what this group believes, including "refuting Darwinian Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Gap and Age-Day Theories, and Progressive Creationism;" "refuting sexual promiscuity: adultery, fornication, heterosexual oral sex, pornography, incest and bestiality, pedophilia, and homosexuality;" and "refuting foreign cultures, legal precedents, languages and religions in opposition to Christianity." So yeah, these are the same people on a rampage about "transgenerism activity" here in Virginia, as opposed to say, fighting to "feed the hungry," "clothe the naked," working for social justice, and other priorities their religion actually calls for.

P.S. Can someone please point out to me in the New Testament, which presumably members of the Virginia **Christian** Alliance believe in, it urges people to be nasty, intolerant, bigoted, ignorant jerks?  Right, it doesn't.  

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The GOP's "Religious Freedom" Fiasco: What Is, and Is Not, the Good News

by: Andy Schmookler

Thu Apr 02, 2015 at 14:26:05 PM EDT

It has been a remarkable turn of events in the story of these two states -- first Indiana, then Arkansas -- passing these so-called "Religious Freedom" measures.

It's a story that has been heartening for liberals/progressives -- and for good reason. The Republicans made their usual effort to make hay out of the bigotries they have encouraged in their base. And lo and behold, these craven tactics have blown up in their faces because the whole nation is watching and the national culture has moved far and fast away from that bigotry.

Why not enjoy that spectacle!

But it is also important to note what the story does not demonstrate: these events do not contradict the story that our politics are increasingly under the control of Big Money.

Rachel Maddow last night explained the powerful role that "business" -- including giants like Apple and Walmart -- has played in pushing both Governor Pence in Indiana to "fix" a measure he'd just signed, and Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas to announce his intention to veto a measure he'd advocated only days before.

It is true that "the people" have played a role in this: popular support of a non-discriminatory culture -- particularly among the workers ( the technology fields) many powerful business want to be attract -- has made this kind of bigotry "bad for business."

But still, it is very thanks to the power of Big Money that these GOP panderers to the worst in their base have had to back down.

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Virginia GOP Votes to Kill Bill Designating anti-LGBT Crimes as Hate Crimes

by: lowkell

Wed Jan 14, 2015 at 18:53:45 PM EST

The following statement is from the Democratic Party of Virginia: 
Well, that didn't take long. The 2015 General Assembly session started at noon and Senate Republicans already voted to kill a bill to designate anti-LGBT crimes as hate crimes. That's right -- if someone is assaulted, harassed or even killed due to their sexual orientation, it still won't be considered a hate crime.

Leading the charge to kill the bill was Mark Obenshain, who shamelessly pandered on sexual orientation in his 2013 campaign. Guess that was then, and this is now.
In Case You Missed It:

Associated Press
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AG Mark Herring to Bob Marshall: Bigamy Illegal, Bisexuals and Transgenders Can Marry in VA

by: lowkell

Thu Dec 18, 2014 at 11:14:57 AM EST

My god, Virginia's Attorney General has to waste his time on crap like this? On the other hand, I suppose in a warped way that "Sideshow Bob" Marshall continues to provide invaluable entertainment, in a freak show sorta way, for Virginia. And that's gotta be worth something, ya know? :)

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EW Jackson, "Virginia Christian Alliance" Attack Transgender Health Commissioner

by: lowkell

Thu Dec 04, 2014 at 10:55:49 AM EST

With the Virginia Board of Health meeting this morning to reconsider the draconian, unfair women's health clinic regulations put in place due to then-AG Ken Cuccinelli's bullying, it appears that the anti-LGBTQ bigots are out in force. That would be EW Jackson, who doesn't understand why he's called hateful for his anti-LGBTQ ravings, believes supporting a woman's right to control her own body makes one a "pro-abortion radical," and can't even spell "McAuliffe" correctly. It's also something called the "Virginia Christian Alliance," which falsely (and appallingly) claims that transgendered people like Virginia Department of Health Interim Commissioner Dr. Marissa Levine have a "serious mental illness." And while I certainly do NOT believe (as Erin Matson tweets; see the "flip" of this post) that most (or even many?) people working against abortion are "driven by gender-motivated hate," clearly some (like the "Virginia Christian Alliance" and EW Jackson) hold those views. And just as clearly, I hope we all can agree that type of intolerance and bigotry should be unacceptable in our society, whatever one's views about abortion rights.
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What the Heck is "Virginia Mass Resistance?"

by: lowkell

Mon Oct 27, 2014 at 16:24:19 PM EDT

My god, where do these people come from and why are they always right wingers?
Ex-gay activist Linda Wall, who has launched a new Religious Right group called Virginia Mass Resistance, promoted her organization in a Saturday interview with "Mission America" host Linda Harvey.

Wall described to Harvey her own experience of being "seduced" into homosexuality, which she said all started with "a glass of wine and marijuana."

"It was as if it was an instant addiction as to a drug," she said.

By the way, I Googled this Linda Wall person, and one of the first articles that appeared was Linda Wall: The anti-gay activist who molested an underage girl ("A conservative crusader seeking office in Virginia admits that she had sex with a middle-school girl who was her student in the 1970s"). Why am I not surprised? As a friend of mine put it, "It's always the most virulently anti-gay ones who have this in their background."  
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Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's latest anti-gay ravings

by: lowkell

Wed Oct 22, 2014 at 14:32:49 PM EDT

h/t: Towleroad:

Delgaudio: "You'll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to "pick out" a little boy for themselves." Sure, part of this is about raising money for himself, but to the extent he believes any of this, he's also just plain certifiable. So how does he keep getting reelected to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors (as a Republican, of course)? Do voters actually AGREE with him on this extremist bigotry?  Or do most voters simply not show up to the polls on election day to toss this guy out on his a**? Either way, Delgaudio's a continuing disgrace to Loudoun County, and one you'd think they'd want to boot off their County Board.

The radical homosexuals claim you and other pro-Family Americans actually now support same-sex "marriage," special job preferences for homosexuals, and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle in schools.

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One stormy night, I drove to a mailshop hidden deep in a nearly deserted stand of warehouses. I'd heard something was up and wanted to see for myself.

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"Sideshow Bob" Marshall Completely Unhinged Over Demise of His Anti-Gay Hate Amendment

by: lowkell

Tue Oct 07, 2014 at 21:01:28 PM EDT

My god.
Today I requested an official opinion from Attorney General Mark Herring on the Constitutitionality of Virginia's Bigamy laws in light of the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear Virginia's Marriage Amendment case.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals said in their decison that, "Accordingly, we decline the Proponents' invitation to characterize the right at issue in this case as the right to same-sex marriage rather than simply the right to marry."

If the Virginia Marriage Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman has been overturned on the basis of the "right to marry" that that right surely extends to "throuples", those who identify as polyamourous, polygamists and any individual who whishes to marry who or what he/she "loves."

If it is the "right" of all people to marry who they love then I would like to know if it is the Attorney General's legal opinion that Virginia's bigamy and perhaps other laws realted to marriage are also Unconstitutional.

Attorney General Herring said in a speech yesterday, October 6, 2014, at the Arlington Court House that, "Today we celebrate a moment when we move closer to fulfilling the promise of equality..." I would like to know what further steps he believes are legally necessary to fulfill this promise.

The question is, who votes for this bigoted lunatic?

P.S. Click on the image to "embiggen."

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Supreme Court "Stay" Order in "Bostic" Marriage Equality Case

by: lowkell

Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 15:18:04 PM EDT

Unfortunately, there will be no LGBT marriages tomorrow in Virginia. Hopefully, that situation will change very soon.

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Virginia Asks Supreme Court for Expedited Review in Marriage Equality Case

by: lowkell

Mon Aug 18, 2014 at 17:28:22 PM EDT

From AG Herring's office: 

RICHMOND (August 18, 2014)--As requested by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Commonwealth of Virginia has filed its response to a motion by the Clerk of Prince William County to stay the 4th Circuit's ruling regarding marriage equality. In its brief, the Commonwealth of Virginia agrees that a stay is warranted because of unintended negative consequences if the Court later rules against marriage equality, and asks the Court to expedite its review of the case by treating the Clerk's motion as a cross-petition for certiorari, allowing it to consider the Clerk's arguments alongside Virginia's petition for certiorari to determine whether to review the case. This would be an unusual but not unprecedented action by the Supreme Court, but the request is appropriate given the importance of the issue.


"Throughout this process we have fought for equality while also recognizing the need for an orderly process," said Attorney General Herring. "I've worked to move the case along quickly and asked the Supreme Court to take this extraordinary step because I don't want this discriminatory ban to stay in place one day longer than necessary. However, a stay is warranted in light of the negative impact on Virginia children, families, and businesses if the Supreme Court eventually rules against marriage equality and forces an unwinding of Virginians' marriages, adoptions, inheritances, or workplace benefits."


As was the case at the district and appellate level, Attorney General Herring's filing on behalf of State Registrar of Vital Records Janet Rainey says the Commonwealth believes the courts ruled correctly in finding Virginia's marriage ban unconstitutional, but also believes a stay is warranted until the Supreme Court can definitively resolve the issue.


The Office of Attorney General is working with the Governor's Office and client state agencies to make reasonable preparations in the event that the Supreme Court does not stay the 4th Circuit's decision before the order takes effect at 8 a.m. on Thursday, August 21. This includes drafting an updated marriage license application through the State Registrar of Vital Records. 

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Hilarious: Most Politicized AG in History Calls Mark Herring "Most Politicized" AG in Country

by: lowkell

Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 21:08:07 PM EDT

Not that Ken Cuccinelli has any sense of irony, but to hear the guy who wildly misused/abused his office "by using it as a blatantly partisan bully pulpit to attack Obamacare, illegal immigrants, homosexuals and climate-change scientists" and "to bully Virginia's Board of Health into a stance - unprecedented in state history - that could force most of the commonwealth's 20 or soabortion clinics to close" call current Virginia AG Mark Herring the "most politicized" Attorney General in the country is certainly the height of irony. To listen to that howler, check out 3:20 of the audio. In reality, of course, Cooch is just pissed because he's a raging homophobe and doesn't want to see LGBT Virginians treated equally to all other Virginians.

For his part, Mark Herring came to the same conclusion as many other state Attorneys General, that to keep defending a constitutional amendment that court after court has found blatantly violates the U.S. constitution's equal protection provisions is a complete waste of time, resources, and taxpayer money. Of course, AG Cuccinelli's entire four years in office was a case study in wasting time, resources, and taxpayer money, so there's a bit more irony for you, if you have a sense of irony of course (unlike Cuccinelli). ;)

P.S. Cuccinelli also claims says that Herring was "lying to voters to get elected;" "had to lie to become the Attorney General and then he turned on his clients." Seriously? On second thought, don't try to figure it out, just laugh derisively, sarcastically...or ironically? Heh.

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