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Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli's book signing indicative of potential governorship: security galore!

by: Progressive86

Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 07:52:05 AM EST

This post has been cross-posted from Richmond Progressive Examiner.

The man of the people (of Virginia) Ken Cuccinelli, the commonwealth's attorney general, needed robust security for his book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Tysons Corner according to Blue Virginia's Lowell Feld.

Now imagine if Ken Cuccinelli became the next governor of Virginia. How much security would he surround himself with then?! Let me wager a guess and say enough security to fend off a lot of angry Virginians.

From all indications, Ken Cuccinelli gets a kick out of pissing Virginians off who don't stand on the same ideological razor's edge as he does. He seems to think it's a game of realpolitik, ideological zealotry, and just a dash of fun spread into the mix.

Cuccinelli's in-your-face political style is hardly what Virginia needs in their attorney general, let alone their governor. Compromise, compromise, what is compromise?!

Furthermore, Cuccinelli's hour-long book signing at Barnes and Noble on Saturday is representative of what a Cuccinelli governorship would look like: short on ideas, high on himself, surrounded by security, and readily accessible only to those individuals who stand on his political side of the fence.

Somehow, a sizable number of Virginians see Cuccinelli as 'their guy', the individual who can finally infuse government with...anti-government policies.

But the issue is not government itself. The issue that America truly needs to address is bad governance. And bad governance starts with prohibiting government from filling the spaces that the private sector will not, cannot, or should not fill itself (i.e., Veterans benefits; Medicare; Medicaid, etc.).

Progressive86 :: Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli's book signing indicative of potential governorship: security galore!
Our current political imbroglio's are not between anti-business and pro-business enthusiasts. Our current political dilemmas are between those who see the necessity of a public-private symbiotic relationship and those who find mutual exclusivity between the two spheres of life in America.

For the Cuccinellis of the world, government is a beast that must be tamed. The irony is, of course, that Cuccinelli is the one who has volunteered to seat himself on the saddle of government, a position he is unlikely to use to put that horse to sleep.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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As he was shown... (0.00 / 0)
...with his unconstitutional assault on U-VA, his out-of-line bullying of the health board into restrictive abortion regulations, and his arbitrary and capricious lawsuits against the US government, he uses government as an authoritarian weapon, rather than in any way to protect or expand "liberty."

For a Sustainable Virginia. Now on Twitter.

That's the irony - Cuckoo's "liberty pie" (0.00 / 0)
is the smallest, least nutritious, and most repulsive "pie" there is, yet he claims to be the champion of "liberty pie." And, of course, he has no clue whatsoever about this massive contradiction, nor would he ever admit it if you brought it up with him. Bottom line: we need to defeat fanatics like this, end of story, as there's no reasoning with them.  

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