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Video: Hillary Clinton Demolishes Republican Senators at Benghazi Hearings

by: lowkell

Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 11:15:25 AM EST

Secretary of State Clinton is doing a superb job this morning. The Republicans are, as usual, being petty, pathetic, vindictive, etc. Hillary Clinto, in stark contrast, is the POLAR opposite - informed, professional, serious, sober, respectful, responsible. Hillary for President 2016? I'm all for it!

Meanwhile, Teahadist Sen. Ron Johnson was particularly egregious, simply rabid. Hillary demolished the freakazoid, as only she can. Also, summarizing Sen. McCain's unhinged tirade: I respect you, but....GET OFF MY LAWN!!!! What a morning, can't wait for the House hearings this afternoon (rolls eyes).

UPDATE: OK, Rand Paul has managed to "top" Ron Johnson in utter insanity and nastiness. Not surprising, but still...ugh, this guy's just a disgrace to our country. Does conspiracy theorizing, viciousness, and general insanity run in the "Aqua Buddha" family? Yes. Yes it does.

UPDATE 3:47 pm: @CAPcongress tweets, "Repeatedly, GOP Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee are asking questions of Sec'y Clinton that are not based the facts."

lowkell :: Video: Hillary Clinton Demolishes Republican Senators at Benghazi Hearings
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Video: Definitive proof that Rand Paul is nuts (0.00 / 0)

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Video: John McCain Says "GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!" (0.00 / 0)

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Video: Hillary Clinton chokes up at Benghazi hearings (0.00 / 0)

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Time for these dirtbags to get their comeuppance. (0.00 / 0)
John McCain has been wasting taxpayer money long enough.  time for the rabid right wingers in Arizona to pick another rabble rouser to foist upon the nation.  McCain, Rand Paul and the newest teabagger twit Johnson simply are too idiotic to represent anyone let along in the US Senate.  But that is where we have come, no longer a deliberative body, now it is simply another bunch of Rabid Right Wing Armchair Cowardly Commandos with John McCain at the lead RRWACC jerk.

Frankly, none of these dweebs are fit to shine Hillary's shoes. Hopefully their consitutents will wake up from their Fox News induced slumber and rid the nation of these cretinous slime.

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I Second That (0.00 / 0)
"Hillary for President 2016? I'm all for it!"--Lowell

Me too....And Elizabeth Warren for VP. It's way over time the country saw an all-woman ticket.

Re: Rand Paul (and all the Pauls, apparently):

What's going on in Kentucky? Really. Rand Paul as a United States Senator? Mitch McConnell as its other Senator as well as Minority Leader of the United States Senate? Really.

What's going on there? And in South Carolina as well? DeMint? Haley? Sanford? Strom Thurmond for godsakes!

It's bad enough Texans vote time and again for their utter miseries and we of other states have to donate money and time for humane replacements for the idjits they elect.

You get the government you deserve? I don't, you don't, we don't deserve those people in public life.

Thanks for letting me rant. Good evening, everyone!



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