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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning

by: lowkell

Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 06:48:12 AM EST

Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, November 27. By the way, any Democrat who goes on Faux "News" should call them out like Tom Ricks did. Either that, or don't go on Faux "News" at all.

*New Scientist Special Report: 7 Reasons Climate Change Is 'Even Worse Than We Thought' (Put a hefty tax on carbon now!)
*Former Florida GOP leaders say voter suppression was reason they pushed new election law (Any further questions on why Republicans rant and rave about mythical, nonexistent "voter fraud?")
*Santorum: 'I'm Open' to 2016 Run (Excellent - run Rick run!!!)
*Norquist faces test as GOP flirts with deserting pledge
*Breaking Norquist's oath ("Are Republicans starting to recover their senses?")
*Yes, elections do 'have consequences'
*Va gets federal emergency declaration from storm
*Panel may toughen texting law
*Virginia's road-building process is flawed, new study contends
*Gas tax change? ("Governor McDonnell suggests changing the gas tax.")
*Does Cuccinelli think soft voting laws helped Obama?
*Snyder declares for LG race (The only things you really need to know about this guy are 1) that he's a protege of Republican Big Liar in Chief Frank Luntz; and 2) that he's a right wingnut. Blech.)
*Ex-Dem Rep. Davis to address Virginia GOP at Beach event (And the only thing you need to know about Artur Davis is that he's one of the slimiest, most opportunistic, principle-less politicians out there. And that's saying something!)
*Northern Va. county supervisor makes a push for smoker-free living
*John Frey withdraws from Va. AG race ("The Fairfax circuit court clerk entered race last year.")
*Uranium Working Group meets today in Richmond
*Uranium Money Spreads Across Virginia in Radioactive Debate
*Report: Virginia workers see wages drop
*Va. Port Authority to hear privatization proposals today
*House District #7 (This one's most similar to Nebraska.)
*A programming note from city and politics reporter Mason Adams
*Crime Drops, But Virginians Pack More Heat
*Redskins deal passes after last-minute negotiations
*Fairfax takes big step in removing road through Tysons' last green space

lowkell :: Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning
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