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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning

by: lowkell

Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 17:27:23 PM EST

Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, February 10. Also, check out the video of President Obama talking about yet another major accomplishment of his administration.

*U.S. Chamber of Commerce launches ad blitz to praise Allen, attack Kaine
*Adoption 'conscience clause' clears Va. Senate, would allow faith-based adoption agencies to reject gay parents
*House passes pair of 'castle doctrine' bills
*Va. Democrats, Republicans call each other obsessed with social issues
*Cuccinelli steps into national political spotlight
*Cooch Accepts CPAC Award, But No Mention of Those Pesky Rats
*CPAC: Cuccinelli Touts His Record Fighting the Obama Admin. (Because, you know, that's supposed to be the job of the Virginia Attorney General. Oh wait, it's not? Hmmmm.)
*Obama birth control mandate puts Kaine in corner
*Majorities in Virginia support drug tests for welfare, repeal of HPV mandate
*McDonnell urges more higher ed dollars, dings Democratic predecessors on tuition increases
*Party registration bill dies in Va. Senate
*Will Pr. Wm., NoVa benefit from housing settlement?
*Ideological chasm, petty resentments and power struggle in Senate could snare 2012 Va. budget
*Virginia lawsuit settlement frustrates relatives of developmentally disabled
*Illegal immigration bills likely to advance
*Democrats upset over tone of GOP legislation in Assembly (Every Virginia should be upset.)
*Editorial: Prepare for primary delay ("Lawmakers dawdled on redistricting, so primaries might wait until August.")
*Senate panel backs one-year study on fox penning (What's to study, it's utterly repulsive - get rid of it!)
*Student witness: Love cried 'Help me, help me'
*Editorial: A sight for sore ears ("A few hundred get to decide I-581 will have sound walls. But who will decide what they look like?")

lowkell :: Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning
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Video: Rational Martha Coakley vs. Foaming-at-mouth Cooch on health care reform (0.00 / 0)

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On the polls for HPV vaccine and drug testing (0.00 / 0)
Both are unfortunate.  I simply don't see a correlation between getting immunized against HPV and premarital sex.  Here's an update for the religious prudes:  kids have sex.  Always have, always will.  The fact that the girl has an HPV vaccine will not increase or decrease the chances that boy is going to want to have sex with her.  All hetero boys want to get some girl's pants at some point, it's inevitable.  

As for the drug testing, I guess it's a case of "it's not me, so I don't care". If you told someone they would need to be drug tested before receiving unemployment, I'm sure it would get shot down since almost everyone knows someone who's been on unemployment at one point in time or another.  But, most people do not personally know a welfare recipient.  So, I guess the idea is to shame them and kick them when they're down.  Maybe they'll get a job?  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  

Well - take a look at the actual statistics from Florida (0.00 / 0)
and you might care.  Florida passed the same law for drug testing for receipients.  The state has to pay the bill -

98% passed
2% failed

I believe the $ spent by florida to implement this law has been $1.7 million - the cost saving with kicking the 2% off of the welfare roles was like $60,000.

Do the math - we cannot afford this kind of wasted money to try and stick it to the "welfare queens"

Trying to find the link - to support the numbers.

[ Parent ]
actually - I was way off on the numbers (0.00 / 0)
Cost for the drug testing for 12 months:  $178 million dollars - 98% passed

SAvings in getting those bad welfare slackers - 2% failed = $60,000

Now - this was from facebook so trying to get actual source of info.

[ Parent ]
I don't remember where I read (0.00 / 0)
this, but I believe your statistics are on target.  

[ Parent ]
Hypocrisy (0.00 / 0)
The GOP is always railing about unfunded mandates from the federal government impacting state budgets. A drug testing mandate will force added costs on local governments who administer welfare programs. Why do I fail to see the difference ?


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