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Cuccinelli Takes $2,000 From Group that Denies Marital Rape, Opposes Birth Control, Supported Akin

by: lowkell

Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 12:03:52 PM EST

In looking through Ken Cuccinelli's financial statement to the Virginia State Board of Elections, all kinds of interesting things are jumping out at us. This morning, for instance, we posted about the Koch brothers, and the dirty energy industry's in general, big investment in Cuccinelli. Money well spent on their part, I'm sure, as this guy is almost certain to do their bidding in trashing our planet.

The next donation I wanted to highlight moves back to "social issues," in this case rabid misogyny, Stone Age thinking, theocratic insanity, etc. I'm talking, of course, about Phyllis Schlafly's far-far-far-right-wing Eagle Forum, which donated $2,000 on 11/9/12 to Cuckoo. Among many other insane, outrageous, and offensive things Schlafly and company have said over the years include the following quotes.

*"You can't get into negotiations with the feminists because you will lose. They will slit your throat. They have no sense of fair play or compromise." -National Affairs Briefing, 8/92
*"Nothing about contraception should be taught in schools. There is no question that it will encourage sexual activity."- New York Times, 10/17/92
* "I think that when you get married you have consented to sex. That's what marriage is all about, I don't know if maybe these girls missed sex ed. That doesn't mean the husband can beat you up, we have plenty of laws against assault and battery. If there is any violence or mistreatment that can be dealt with by criminal prosecution, by divorce or in various ways. When it gets down to calling it rape though, it isn't rape, it's a he said-she said where it's just too easy to lie about it." - Student Life, 5/05/08
*"Feminists, if they get tired of a husband or if they want to fight over child custody, they can make an accusation of marital rape and they want that to be there, available to them." - Student Life, 5/05/08
*Schlafly criticized Republicans for "making a big thing" about Akin's "legitimate rape" remark. -Washington Post, 8/20/12
*"We oppose the feminist goal of federally financed and regulated daycare." - Eagle Forum website

Feel like you need to take a hot shower? Yeah, me too. Anyway, these are the types of people contributing to Ken Cuccinelli's campaign for governor. What to make of this? Let's quote another right wingnut on this one, our old friend George Allen, who likes to say that "you can tell a lot about someone by those they keep company with." For once, we agree 100% with Allen on something.

lowkell :: Cuccinelli Takes $2,000 From Group that Denies Marital Rape, Opposes Birth Control, Supported Akin
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Yeh, Schlafly wants other women to stay home while she doesn't. (0.00 / 0)
She's spent a lifetime traveling around the country telling other women to stay home.  She does so without any sense of irony or hypocrisy.

I once (back in the day, as in decades ago) debated one of her regional directors before a couple hundred people and "wiped the floor" with her (regional director).  I also debated the same regional director on radio. That this band of lunatics still is influencing ANYONE is a statement of how low the GOP has gone.  But today I wouldn't give them the time of day.  They are not even worth debating because they keep pounding out the same lies, deceits, repressive ideology and contempt for women.  Apparently, though, Cuccinelli thinks they are important enough...which tells you what you need to know about him.

There's nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos (Jim Hightower). PS I'm on Twitter here.


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