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McDonnell Ignores #1 "Earth" Issue in "Earth Day" Statement

by: lowkell

Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 17:31:52 PM EDT

Can we get any more vapid, empty, and lacking in substance than Bob McDonnell's "Earth Day" statement? Here are excerpts from it, with my (snarky) [annotations]
Here in Virginia, we are blessed with countless beautiful open spaces, scenic rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and rolling mountains...[blah blah blah meaningless pabulum, whatever]...I took a hike with local schoolchildren and planted trees while talking to them about the importance of a clean environment...[did they ask you about your AG's assault on the environment? how did you respond?]...The recent good news that the Blue Crab population in the Chesapeake Bay has increased by 60% since last year [right, that improvement was under Tim Kaine, now you're governor and we're looking to see what you're going to keep that progress going exactly], and is now at its highest level since 1997, demonstrates that good public policy [for instance, do you support doing something about sprawl? pollution from coal-fired power plants? impermeable pavement? encouraging "green roofs?" climate change?] will lead to a cleaner and healthier environment...[of course, all those efforts will be for naught if we don't do something about climate change, ASAP]...I encourage all Virginians to conserve, preserve and give back to clean up our environment...[except that, when it comes to public policy, you're not doing even 0.1% of what you need to be doing on that front].

Amazing; Bob McDonnell issues an "Earth Day" statement and doesn't even mention the #1 "Earth" issue - climate change. He also doesn't mention the fact that his fellow Republican, Ken Cuccinelli, is one of the most rabid anti-environment Attorney Generals this country has ever seen, and that McDonnell says they're totally in sync with each other.

Also not mentioned by McDonnell: this last General Assembly session, members of his party - presumably with McDonnell's acquiescence if not encouragement - killed basically every piece of strong legislation on energy efficiency, renewable power, and seriously protecting our environment. On the other hand, McDonnell "took a hike with local schoolchildren and planted trees," so all is well in the world I suppose. Ugh.

UPDATE: Now this is more like it; thank you, President Obama!

lowkell :: McDonnell Ignores #1 "Earth" Issue in "Earth Day" Statement
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Yes (0.00 / 0)
Open spaces...but Cooch is opposed to zoning. Scenic rivers...even if they are polluted and conservatives don't believe in controls on business...rolling mountains...even if they are being blown up to get the coal in them cheaply and without hiring many people.

Exactly what does "conserve, preserve and give back to clean up our environment" mean when Cooch is keeping his staff busy trying to find ways to sue the EPA? Not much. It's time for McDonnell to rein in the Cooch.

This is a profound statement... (0.00 / 0)
...for those who have been lobotomized.

For a Sustainable Virginia. Now on Twitter.

Agreed. (0.00 / 0)
McDonnell's statement is utterly brain dead.

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