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Jennifer Wexton Wins Dem Nomination for State Senate for Mark Herring's Seat; Turnout Miniscule

by: lowkell

Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 19:20:37 PM EST

The following results are courtesy of the Virginia Senate Democratic caucus held earlier today in the 33rd district (the one Mark Herring currently represents, and which he will be vacating presuming a recount confirms that he's won the Attorney General's race, as we all hope and expect). Congratulations to Jennifer Wexton, who is now the Democratic nominee to succeed Herring in the State Senate, presuming she wins the special election, whenever that's held. Also worth noting is that turnout was abysmally low for this caucus, at just 1,154 votes. That compares to last Saturday's Democratic caucus for Ralph Northam's seat in the 6th district, which had turnout of 4,879 voters. I'm not sure what the miniscule turnout for this caucus means exactly, but it's a bit worrisome if you ask me. Also...seriously? Just 1,154 votes cast to select a nominee for State Senate? In a district which has 110,000 registered voters, and which saw 14,061 votes for Mark Herring in the 2011 State Senate election? Hmmmm. I also don't fully understand the big rush to hold this caucus, which meant almost no coverage by anyone - blogs, newspapers, etc. - and no time for either candidate to campaign. The whole thing's kinda odd if you ask me.
Jennifer Wexton received more votes than Sheila Olem - 729-433.

We would like to congratulate both candidates for running an energetic and positive campaign, especially since they were given less than week to campaign.

Polling Place Totals:

Cascades (Loudoun County) - 392 Total Votes    Olem 108 (28%)   Wexton 283 (72%)
Leesburg (Loudoun County) - 415 Total Votes      Olem 84  (20%)   Wexton 331 (80%)
Herndon (Fairfax County) - 356 Total Votes         Olem 241 (68%)  Wexton 115 (32%)

County Breakdown:

Fairfax County - Olem 68%    Wexton 32%
Loudoun County - Olem - 24%  Wexton - 76%

lowkell :: Jennifer Wexton Wins Dem Nomination for State Senate for Mark Herring's Seat; Turnout Miniscule
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Loudoun County Dems statement on Jennifer Wexton win (0.00 / 0)
Today, Democrats of the 33rd Senate District nominated Jennifer Wexton to follow Attorney General-elect Mark Herring in representing Loudoun and Fairfax in the
Virginia Senate.

In a fast, fair, and hardfought campaign for the nomination, both Sheila Olem and Jennifer Wexton reached out to the Democrats with a focus on the local concerns of the 33rd District, and the need to carry on the valuable, commonsense
legacy of Mark Herring. As a result of their great efforts, over eleven hundred Democrats came out to vote on a chilly Saturday at the three polling locations set up and maintained by dedicated Democratic volunteers across the 33rd District.

The ballots were taken to a central counting location in Sterling when polling locations closed at 5pm. Votes were then counted, supervised by the Democratic Party of Virginia, and the final count was:

Sheila Olem : 433
Jennifer Wexton : 729

There were three "spoiled" ballots cast which did not factor into the results.

By location, the results were...

LCDC Chair Evan Macbeth had this to say about today's result, "We Democrats nominated Jennifer Wexton, an amazing woman who will serve the people of Loudoun and Fairfax well. Virginia can look forward to seeing her carry on Mark
Herring's example of common sense and pragmatic solutions in the Senate. I want to express all of our thanks and gratitude to Sheila Olem for running a positive and energizing campaign, and to Tony Fasolo, Cesar del Aguila and the nominating committee volunteers for the tireless work they did administering the nominating process as the District Democratic Nominating Committee."

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Mark Herring statement on Jennifer Wexton caucus victory (0.00 / 0)
Congratulations to my friend Jennifer Wexton for her victory in today's Democratic primary for the 33rd District Senate seat. I know she will do a great job representing the people of Loudoun and Fairfax counties.

Congratulations also to my friend Sheila Olem on a well run campaign. I look forward to her continued service to the citizens of Herndon.

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Over 1,000 voters on a little over a week's notice? (0.00 / 0)
I wouldn't say those numbers were abysmal. Could be better, certainly, but I was actually expecting them to be a lot worse.

Liz Miller, The Doorbell Queen.


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