DPVA Calls On McDonnell To Rein In "Extreme" Cuccinelli

Monday, March 15, 2010

Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director David Mills writes about Ken Cuccinelli's "apparent comments in support of Virginia pursuing legal challenges to federal laws based on questioning President Obama's birth certificate."
Unlike Republican leaders, Virginians are more concerned with their jobs and their children's schools than with pursuing conspiracy theories and a narrow social agenda. But in the last month, under the leadership of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Governor Bob McDonnell, Virginia is rapidly becoming a national laughingstock.

Attorney General Cuccinelli owes Virginians an explanation for his out-of-whack priorities. While our Commonwealth struggles with a $4.2 billion dollar deficit, the Attorney General has shown that he's willing to use the resources of his taxpayer-funded office to push his own radical agenda. Virginians shouldn't be asked to foot the bill for Ken Cuccinelli's irresponsible behavior and missplaced priorities.

The Attorney General should pledge today not to spend a dime of our tax dollars pursuing ridiculous conspiracy theories about President Obama. We hope Governor McDonnell is making plans to rein in his 2009 ticketmate and protect Virginians' money from being spent on Ken Cuccinelli's extreme political agenda.

UPDATE: Politico reports that Cooch has issued a statement.
I absolutely believe that President Obama was born in the United States. I don't buy into the claims that he wasn't. On the recording, I was asked a hypothetical legal question, and I gave a hypothetical legal answer in response. As I said previously, this issue was not a part of my campaign, and it is not part of what I am doing now as attorney general.
What a bunch of bull, "hypothetical legal answer" my a**.


  1. I thought that Cooch never gave any answers to hypothetical questions, let alone hypothetical answers.

  2. The thing is, he ALMOST did this -- sticking to the hypothetical legal response. If he just could have stopped himself from adding line after line about possibilities and plausibilities, he'd have "possible" deniability.

    But he doesn't. He dives right into la-la land.

  3. I voted for Ken, but I have to admit that I am so disappointed thus far.

    At best, he has not been able to perform his duties as an AG because he is contastly appaering on tv or correcting his gaffes.

    At worst, despite his campaign cry, he really doesn't understand the role of the AG. Maybe he owes Shannon and apology.

    Unlike any AG before him, he has made the office overtly political
    and has embarassed the lawyers who work in the office.

    I am ashamed to say I know him.

  4. Well Ken, we all make mistakes but I'm curious as to what really made you vote for him and if you voted Republican all the way down. I'm not surprised that Ken won because I personally believe he'll never lose a contested election in Virgina. (Although I hope I'm wrong in this and wouldn't mind being proven wrong) He knows how to win. He was already in the positive starting the race because he was a Republican and when in comes to issues relating to crime and such voters trust Republicans for whatever reason.

    Ken definitely doesn't know what the role of the Attorney General is, plain and simple. He's using this office to further his conservative ideology which he believes the voters gave him a right to do when they elected him. He openly admitted to Ryan Nobles that he would be fine in "tricking" voters into believe he isn't a right-wing radical which obviously he proudly showed he is.

    Now, with the birther comments. I'll say this. Cooch is crazy, obviously but he isn't stupid. He knows he won't use the birther argument the first time he attempts to sue the federal government for infringing on the state's rights blah blah blah. His Tea Party fanatics would LOVE him if he did and would probably make him their new God. But again, he's crazy, not stupid.

  5. Paging Ingrid

    When I was in Australia I was introduced to a bird called the Kookaburra (Sp?). It is a loud and raucous bird that can be heard throughout the forest. When I was in Girl Scouts we sang a song dedicated to this bird. The Australian rock group Men at Work use this song as a riff in their hit song "Down Under". This bird reminds me of a certain Virginia Attorney General.

    So with apologies to Australia here goes:

    Cuccinelli sits in the AG office
    Passing crazy rules that he can proffer
    Laugh Cuccinelli laugh Cuccinelli
    Let Virginia suffer

    Cuccinelli sits in the AG office
    Criticizing gays and women in office
    Stop Cuccinelli stop Cuccinelli
    Save Virginia's rep