Will Pat Robertson's Manchurian Candidate Break with Pat Robertson?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

We'll find out.
Fresh off his landslide victory in the race for Virginia governor, Robert F. McDonnell is already being forced to confront how he plans to handle his friendship with minister Pat Robertson, a longtime ally but also a highly controversial figure, once he takes office.

Virginia Muslims are calling on McDonnell (R) to disavow comments made by the Virginia Beach religious broadcaster last week in response to the shootings at Fort Hood, Tex., in which Robertson asserted that Islam is "not a religion" but a "violent political system" and that those who practice it should be treated like members of a communist or fascist party.
And for all the Islamophobic trolls out there, before you come here and defend Pat Robertson, just imagine if a Muslim leader with close ties to Governor Kaine made the same comment about Christianity. How would you be reacting? Think about it.


  1. Actually, here's a prospect for Gerry Connelly to show his progressive credentials and support the Obama administration. Gerry should offer Fairfax County as a site to protect the alleged suspects from Guantanamo. They need a secure place to live and Fairfax County is great location. And Fairfax would be a great venue to try them in our civilian courts. With the sniper case, Virginia has already shown its ability to provide fair and impartial justice. Gerry should take the lead on this. And Governor Kaine can also approve the necessary support from Richmond.

  2. Either Ben Tribbett or one of his brainless GOP acolytes are now trolling on this site.

  3. Tom,
    Who is Ben T?

    Just seems like hosting the Gitmo detainees in Fairfax County makes perfect sense. Plenty of jail space, lots of lawyers, good transportation resources, plenty of US Marshals and other DHS security nearby, an experienced judicial system, a diverse demographic base to provide unbiased jurors. Seems like the perfect place and a natural for Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran to support. And a great way to support the Obama administration. How could anyone seriously argue against it?

  4. @ BabeInTheWoods

    Ben Tribbett, A.K.A. Not Larry Sabato

    Though you do have a good point. Would be an excellent opportunity to house Gitmo detainees in NoVa. Unfortunately, Northern Virginia has no Federal Prisons, with the closest one being in Petersburg, Virginia.

  5. First off, you don't need any federal prisons to hold these prisoners. Local jails hold federal prisoners for the feds and they usually supplement those facilities financially to pay for a portion of their stay. Also, federal prisoners being tried in Alexandria are held in Alexandria. That's common knowledge, where do you think Mousoui and Lindh were held.

    The facilities in Northern Virginia are more than capable of holding terrorism suspects.

  6. Pat Robertson is largely correct. Islam is both a religion and a political system. That is just the way Mohamed set it up. Moreover, Islam's religious documentation supports Robertson interpretation. Mohamed himself set the precedent by becoming Islam's first theocratic leader.

    What is debatable is what we want to do about the Muslim adherents in this nation. Since most American Muslims don't seem to want to practice the more violent traditions of Islam, we don't have legal grounds to do anything to them. Thus, it would be best to leave well enough alone. However, it would be stupid to allow more Muslims into the country. Even if only ten percent of Muslim immigrants are hostile to us, that is too many.

    And it was dumb not to do something about that homicidal fellow before he killed 14 people. The man made his loyalties apparent. When he said he was not loyal to this country, that should have been enough to kick him out of the Army.