Deeds Doubles Down on Rural Roots

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Posted by The Green Miles

Creigh Deeds is being hammered for not having a transportation plan. He's lost one prominent African-American supporter of Tim Kaine & Mark Warner and hasn't been able to lock up Doug Wilder's support, leaving questions about his ability to reach out to diverse communities. Deeds is also doing little to speak to the concerns of progressive voters in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, with a poll last week showing he's losing 14% Obama supporters to Bob McDonnell.

So the Deeds campaign response is ... this?

Look, if Deeds spends the fall riding Metro and talking about his plan for real change, we may well be raving about how Deeds locked up his base, then made the bridge to progressives. I don't have any inside info on the strategy here.

But as July turns to August, how many Obama voters are going to be fired up (ready to go) when they see Deeds driving a gas-guzzler down dusty rural roads aw-shucksing it up with a decidedly non-diverse crowd? As NotLarrySabato commented on Twitter, "Can someone please tell @CreighDeeds he is running for Governor of an urban/suburban state- not Sheriff of Mayberry."