Sheila Johnson Endorses Bob McDonnell?!?

Monday, July 20, 2009

That's what it looks like:
"Sheila Johnson, ex-wife of BET founder, with net worth of $400 million endorses Bob McDonnell (R) for VA Governor."

Also, according to this:

"Sheila Johnson has given $654k to Dems and only $20k to GOP since 2001, mostly to Tim Kaine and his PAC."

WTF?!? Why on earth would someone who's given almost exclusively to Democrats all of a sudden switch to a right wingnut like Bob McDonnell? I'm baffled.

UPDATE: Sheila Johnson is "team president, managing partner, and governor of the WNBA's Washington Mystics." Also, "According to the website in 2008, Sheila Johnson is the world’s first female African-American billionaire."

UPDATE #2: The press release is here. After reading that, I'm even more baffled than I was before. How could anyone in their right mind possibly think that Bob McDonnell has the "bold and innovative leadership to move our state forward?" Remember, this is a guy who said recently he thought George W. Bush was a great model for economic policy. Again, I ask, WTF?!?